6 Ways to Conserve Water

6 easy ways to conserve water

Any Arizona resident who pays utility bills knows all too well how high your water bill can skyrocket during the brutal summer months. With the end of the hot weather season still far off in the distance, Christian Brothers has several tips that conserve water, help the environment and put some green back in your wallets.

“As a family owned business in Arizona for several years, we know that as a resident and engineer, some simple pipe repairs can improve the amount of water that is wasted in the home,” says Dave Harvey , Co-owner of Christian brothers. “Some changes are very simple and can be done on their own, but others must be done by an expert.”

Here are the tips:

Make sure there is a leak: This is obvious. But do you know that even a small water stream can waste a few gallons of water a day? Read the household water meter for an hour until you are not using it. If the number is changed, there is a possibility of leakage.

Do not use the toilet like a garbage can. Water can be discarded every time it wastes 7 gallons of water. When disposing of facial tissue, cigarette butts or other trash, you can not dispose of it in a better way.
Importing double flush toilets: Toilets consume 30% of most domestic indoor water consumption because they consume much more water than other indoor fixtures. Double flush toilets are an easy way to reduce water usage without compromising effectiveness.

Today’s low-flow shower heads are designed to keep out the old, unsustainable showers. In fact, you may not feel the difference. Eco-friendly faucets significantly reduce water use. Newer faucets give better water pressure when less water goes down the sewer.

Water saving equipment and equipment installation: Initial investment is made, but in the long term it will help save water and reduce costs. Old hot water can waste an amazing amount of water. The same is true for washing machines and dishwashers. If you have it on a budget, replace the old product for a product rated by the Energy Star organization. Low-flow showerheads actually reduce water usage by more than 25%.

Pipe insulation: If you use plastic or copper pipes, adding pipe insulation is very easy and inexpensive and can reduce heat losses by up to 80%. Also drink hot water faster and avoid water wastes while heating. Gray water reuse: Please contact your plumber for system installation to collect gray water for reuse. Gray water is lost under the drain in the shower, wash basin, laundry room and dishwasher. 80 percent of this gray water is wasted, and the bottom line is that you really need to reuse it.


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